Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm bring my rantings up here again, cos i cant keep it in no longer..
I really miss you cos we haven been spending much time together all for the Kingdom's cause..Im not complaining bout serving, i know we're doing the right thing at the right time..
But why cant other's plans be compromised but ours have to be?
If the ldr sets a date den why don't the mbrs try to stick to it? and now my wed plans are ruin cos of the majority who cant make it today..
And if i go according to what my heart wants, then I wouldn't find peace in have a good time out with you while others are fighting the good fight..
But srsly when was the last time we had a good date? When was the last time we watched the movie? When was the last time we had a decent coffee chat?

Sigh..Compromises or Sacrifice?
I'd say sacrifice...cos i know greater things are installed up head for us...but i just gotta get across this feeling, i was really looking fwd to wed.. I know you were too..
But then again we always find sooth in saying Ps37:4 "Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart."

"I miss spending time with you till i’m all chocked up..but we don’t have a choice cos we’ve chosen the path less taken by others, and so I’d be fighting His battle first and hope He’ll see through my battles.."

I mean srsly who doesn't have tough times while serving? perhaps this is just the start of mine again..Devil don't be too happy just yet, see what our God can do..BUT God is greater than all things.

Monday, April 19, 2010

One & a Half years Sweetheart..

Because I love you, you can always count on me.
Because I need you, you’ll know I’m never too far from you.

Because I care, you’ll find me nagging and sulking.

Because you know never to give up, that’s why our hearts and fingers are still intertwined..

One & a half years of helluva journey together, we’re almost transparent to each other, I like how we almost know what’s going through our minds. You read me like a script, well rehearse like an artiste, I feel almost comfortable placing my life my all with you.

One & a half years of truthfulness, a confidence surges within knowing we’re at a start to all things good, our lives are right before God and he who sets his Path right will find way to righteousness, we’ll be so bless.

You never fail to encourage me to pick me up from the pits, you’re like my cheerleader in everything I purpose to endeavor and even if i fail you’re always there I know..

Thank you my love, sweetheart of my life..We’ve only just started in this journey of two, there’s so much more to learn and love and to work for.. :)

Happy ONE & A HALF YEARS of tinted cheeks and crazy grins boo.

Kissing off,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Much to Say..Day 3 of 10

Day 3

I haven got much to say today..

the heart grows faint as your stubbornness thrive.

If you haven told me what you're supposed to, do so quickly cos' as the days goes by I doubt this heart will be able to hold up any longer.

Always have Love,

So much to say..Day 2 of 10

Day 2
Last night was one of the best cell ever, despite all that's within me that's battling against leading Praise and worship cos' I really didn't feel like I was in the right position to. After leading worship I heard the exact same words you told me God told you "No mountain too high to conquer if you put your heart into it."
God came through for our cell after the Word, His presence hit us so hard we all started crying out for more of Him, with tears and sound of sobbing I knew it was a time of refreshing, a long needed one.

Came home wanting more for that same encounter I knelled down on both knees telling God "If my relationship with YOU is strong then only can my relationship with Alex be strong, I'm utterly sorry if I've put anything in life before YOU, tonight I wanna love You with all that I am. God we need Your peace, we need Your strength, Your comfort to go through these days apart. If I'm hurting like that, alex is hurting a 100times more, if I'm crying like this, Alex is crying a 100times more..come and be our peace in a time as such."

Alexander Mcking .won llec ta
.gnitsrub ekil s’traeh ym. ykdi.
.sreat ym kcab gnithgif

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Melissa Goh
Ereht ni gnah. tuo sgniht tros ot emit elttil a deen tsuj I,tsol ton si lla, no gnipeek no,peek tsuj.
Today at 2:45am ·

After service this evening, I thought to myself good or bad we should just talk things out once more because the one we had on thurs was a really mad one. kinda had a feeling you would say No. And true enough you did.
You have your reasons and I don't wanna question, you said you had to do some soul searching, in front of a river? why choose to stay in front of a river when the problem doesn't settle miraculously instead you could have trusted me and got to a real living being that could resolves issues together with you..
Anyhows, it probably shows we're not quite ready I guess..more time apart as propose should be better than I supposed?
We'll just see how things go then.

Oh by the way, my heart has this constant ache. A literally ache like a pain kinda ache.

A Better day tomorrow I hope.

Always have love,

Friday, March 12, 2010

So Much to Say..Day 1 of 10

Just though of coming back to this page, this place where I pen down my loveliest time together with him and take a slow walk down memory lane again to do a refreshing of the mind.
Guess it really did serve as a reminder of how far we've come, how much accomplishments we've made as a couple, the initial struggle of winning my dad over to approve us, the mistakes we made, the correction we made, the learning to collaborate with each other the love that we shared.

Endless work that needs to be done in a thing called LOVE.

I'm thinking no one ever comes here to read anymore, not even you..I just need an outlet to "let out my cries".
Yes setbacks are inevitable in relationships, arguments and fights are necessary to build us up to help us learn how to work around our differences. However last night was a mad one i guess...
Conclusion: 10days of putting into serious though about this whole thing, 10 days of learning to be independent, 10days of finding that which I left behind in a hurry, 10days to tell myself we're gonna work this, and if we do survive this 10days? We'll fight harder to stay together to work together, to COLLABORATE again, lesser nonsense from you and I.
Sometimes a short rest will do us good, it empowers us to run further, it teaches us the importance of cherishing what we have. - I do hope this does justice for us.

So instead of crying and feeling all outta the world, lets work hard and change and correct the bad habits that's putting a strain to this relationship.

Day 1
Has been really tough, when I told you to walk away I felt a burden lifted from me, not because you were my burden but because I didn't want you to see me crying else you'll never go home, when u left, part of me wished that you'll be waiting for me at the lift lobby, yet I hope you won't. I walked and walked around my estate, recalling the talked that we just had, thinking that I shouldn't have said some words, tearing and when it's dried I went back home. Sat in the showers and broke down again cos I thought everything was so silly, if only I wasn't so stubborn..
Strummed the guitar so hard, looked at my cock-board full of pictures of Us and choked up with tears of frustrations, cried myself to sleep.
Am at work now and i'm choked with tears every now and then and it feels really awful. Really really awful knowing I have to do stuffs alone at least for this 10days.
I'm the one that asked for this, but is this what I wanted?

Perhaps this 10 days is good for us.

Always have Love,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Social Interview

Everyone's kinda hooked unto this social interview application on Facebook, seriously is it just me that randomly skip a couple of question cos i really dunno how to answer or does this symptom applies to all? hahas
Anyway so Babey got this question:
Pick a freind who you would "like" to "accidentally" get stuck on an island with"

you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know who he'd choose, duhss who else?" hahas that sweet thing...
which reminded me of the previous post of wanting to get away just you and me.
guess what this post received 19 comments about me fleeting with him without a doubt. I'm just saying it'd be nice to start our own lil' community naming the island after us and reigning as McKing & Mcqueen :)
"someday we'll go to North America, its like America, Only North!" - UP

So getting lost in an abandon island seems far fetch lets head back to where we are right now. I've been doing a countdown to Christmas and it only 3 days more!!!


Alright im being excited only because I have to be, i once saw a pharse that goes: 'for others to be interested in something, you have to be highly interested yourself"
so seriously, though i know that 2009 seems like its just started, really its coming to an end..ask yourself have you truly enjoyed this year? otherwise what can you do to make up for the lost fun?

I have one very simple solution, hahahas...don't sneer at me.
Come to Expo Hall 8/Jurong West St 91 with me this Christmas Eve to catch A LOVE STORY!! you'll fall in love again, it'll pull your heartstrings and serenate you with a love song right from deep within. Holla at me if you wanna oki?

Kissing off,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to Blogspot...just for now..

I've been on tumblr so so much that i kinda just left this poor fella alone to rot and die..HA
alrights, im back and i dunno if i'll be back for long again, we'll see bout that oki...

Anyway since my last post in Oct, in the blink of an eye, a twirl of the earth we're now on the page of December; the month of celebrations and more!

Lemme do a short run down of the events that took place and is taking place this month:

2nd Dec: yours truly Birthday...I turned 21! fast aye? can't believe it either
5th Dec: Mega Birthday Celebrations with the peps (oki the word mega is overrated)
19th Dec: Candlelight Service - always beautiful, always heart warming
19th Dec: Babey and I celebrated 14Months of hugs & kisses & sweets :)))
24th-25th Dec: Christmas Drama - A love story @ Expo Hall 8

Yea i know right, all pretty things fall on the month of December.

4 Days More to the bustle of a Festive season so widely celebrated, a celebration that brings all together, no separations of religiosity. A season to spread Joy and Love as the streets get all brightly lighted up with zesty colorful fairy lights..Yuletide carols echoing while you shop for pressies, people carrying bags full of surprise gifts all for the same reason, to give and to love..

This Christmas What will you be doing? :))

Merry Christmas All!